SRFC Ultras was formed in 2001 by a group of Rovers fans looking to bring a new dimension of noise and colour to the match day atmosphere.

While the tradition at Rovers, and at Irish football in general, had been to look to the terraces of the UK for its cultural cues, SRFC Ultras looked to Europe & South America, with its choreographed displayed, large flags and pyrotechnics, for new inspirations.What resulted was truly revolutionary in Irish terrace culture. While in the main, what was happening was being directly copied from other countries, this hybrid of a new continental style of support mixed with the traditional British style was truly a new and original culture in its own right. It has been adopted by other clubs in Ireland both South & North and is now also seen at many clubs in the UK.

While SRFC Ultras does not claim sole responsibility for this, we do see ourselves as one of the culture’s originators. While it started quite simply with a display in 2001 involving a number of flares at an away game against Bohs, more complex and elaborate displays involving tifo flags, large banners, crowd covers & pyrotechnics have become the hallmark of the group.

SRFC Ultras is an apolitical group but we are strongly against any discrimination based on race, gender or sexual orientation.

Our only allegiance is to our club, its colours and to its ever loyal fans.blog header 2

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